VIBES ONLY - Highlight theme update winner!


Please let us know a bit about you and your business. What’s something on and off the record that we should know?

We’re an early stage, self-funded small business based in Berlin. We are two founders (Marina & Ben) and we just launched in October 2021.

Our idea is to create unique products for Generation Z with which they can decorate their rooms in the most trending aesthetics. Our first product categories are posters and poster collage wall kits. But there is more to come!

We are creating the poster designs together with various artists and creators from all over the world and it’s been super fun to work on aesthetics like Cottagecore or Dark Academia with these creative talents.

Please visit:

Where does the “Vibes Only” name come from?

Well, first of all it sounded pretty cool ;)

But the idea for the name did originate from the concept of providing our audience with cool “aesthetics”. Another term for an aesthetic could be a “vibe”.

Since we want to offer trending and amazing vibes to our customers, it was quite fitting to name us like that. If you can expect one thing that you’ll find in our store, it’s vibes only.

What makes your business stand out?

We are putting lots of love into every single product. And that’s not only true during the design phase but we also pack every order with extra care and sometimes include a cute surprise. We are getting so much positive feedback from our community and customers which motivates us to continue going the extra mile and adding that little bit of extra love to every single detail.

You helped us find a few issues in the theme and make it better. Beside this, how did it feel managing Highlight for your webstore?

We love the Highlight Theme! Often people are astonished that a shopify store can look as sleek and modern. So, most of that praise can be forwarded to you guys as you have created a super cool theme!

So far it’s been great working with the Highlight theme as I could find my way around pretty quickly and add customizations easily. Due to the customizations, the update process when the OS2.0 version was released was quite tedious though, but I suppose there is no way around that.

How do you think the new website fits your company?

Perfect fit! It’s actually our brand’s first website too, so we chose the theme very consciously.

VIBES ONLY - Highlight theme update winner!