How to improve your product page with page videos


Time and time again, it has been said that a picture is worth more than a thousand words. Video, which is composed of moving images, is undoubtedly several times more than that. Consequently, this had made video marketing a luxury no more.

According to The State of Video Marketing 2017 report, 97 percent of businesses said that video helped them increase their users’ understanding of their product or service. 81 percent linked it to a direct increase in sales.

Additionally, 84 percent of customers said that they have bought something after watching a video. Therefore, to have the best eCommerce product pages, you need to introduce the use of video. This will significantly increase conversions on your online store.

Read on to find out how you can improve your product pages with the best eCommerce product videos.

Benefits of using videos to create effective eCommerce product pages

Videos do more than make your product pages look attractive. They serve other functions that improve your general online business.

Here are the positives you can draw from implementing a video content strategy in your operation.

1. Videos improve search engine optimization

For a successful online store, you need to carry out sufficient search engine optimization (SEO). When Google announced the “Panda” update in 2011, they were opening up the search engine’s capabilities beyond text to include video.

Videos now appear in 70 percent of the top 100 search result listings. Simply put, video is healthy for your search engine result page rankings.

2. Videos give customers a better understanding of your product

Modernization has opened up and expanded the number of choices for consumers, causing many marketers to ditch product pitches. They have since resorted to video. The reason? Videos help consumers understand products better.

Video gives an up-close into the product, service, or even an influencer or teacher. Consumers consider the videos more informative.

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3. Videos are now social media favorites

Your eCommerce store can’t avoid social media. A vast majority of your target market are stationed on those platforms. Many of these platforms thrive on video content.

Therefore, your video marketing strategy needs to stretch to the various social media sites to increase engagement. The videos you post propel consumers to interact with the product, informing their purchase decisions.

With the ability to share on social media, the buyers can share the products they like with their audiences, inadvertently pushing your product to a broader audience.

4. Videos boost engagement and conversions

Your eCommerce page’s landing page is a great place to use video marketing. This is because it boosts conversion rates by up to 80 percent when the video is deployed here.

Wistia suggests that people stay, on average, 2.6 times longer on a page if it has a video on it.

How to use videos to improve your eCommerce page

Putting the benefits above in mind, you need to adopt using video to have the best eCommerce product pages.

Here’s how you can get the best eCommerce page by implementing a video content strategy.

1. Show product unboxing

Unboxing videos are a popular kind of video content from eCommerce pages. The reason they are popular is that they work. According to a 2014 Wall Street Journal article, Google displays more than 20 million search results for “unboxing.” To date, these videos had more than 10 billion views.

These videos are relevant to content because they help the consumer put different places together to get to the final product.

Unboxing videos are a form of transparency from the buyers, showing what the product package looks like, and the physical product and its accessories. Start the video showing how the consumer will receive the product, and carefully take them through the unboxing process. Furthermore, explain the role each piece of the product plays.

2. Show product tour videos

Tours of the product make some of the best eCommerce page videos. This is because they offer buyers useful details on how the product works. You don’t want it to be too short and miss out on any vital information or too long that it gets boring. This works against you if you’re going to make your eCommerce page interactive. An ideal video can last from five to ten minutes.

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This works for simpler products. More complex products call for a series of videos, allowing a buyer to choose exactly what they want to watch and learn from the series. In these particular tour videos, show and explain key features of the product while explaining the purpose of these features.

3. Explore demo videos

Product demonstration or “How to” video is a very effective form of the video if you aim to comprehensively inform customers about the product. This kind of video is a storytelling exercise. It allows the consumer to see how effective this particular product is. All this serves in making the purchase decision even easier.

Effective eCommerce product pages will employ these videos because they show the consumer how to use the products in reality. Furthermore, this information is usually detailed, so it is good practice to break down the video into a series.

4. Lifehack videos are golden content

Lifehack videos have proven some of the best eCommerce product videos because people are always looking for that small path to achieve something big or save time. A lifehack is typically short and works well on social media.

Lifehack videos will teach consumers about a particular way to use a product, a way that may not have occurred to them. These videos thrive on social media. Here, one user can easily share a video with their peers, encouraging them to pick up the new tricks.

The ripple effect is felt in the form of increased conversions. A lifehack video could be made into a series showing that the product can be used in different situations. These series are segmented into small short steps, all of which are easy to follow.

5. Show the process in the video

Take your consumers through the process you go through to develop these products they like from you. Videos that feature the process behind the product can also engage viewers. These videos give buyers a “behind-the-scenes” into how the products are created, assembled, and packaged for shipping.

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This kind of video will help you show off the craftsmanship you invest in delivering a top-quality product. The materials used and time invested in making the item give consumers a personalized look into how the product is made for their liking. This pushes consumers to build an emotional connection with the product and the brand.

This particular video gives you the chance to talk about the materials that make the final product, describe the entire production process, and show off your knowledge about the various materials used

6. Employ customer testimonial videos

Besides the comprehensive marketing and sales techniques employed, no one convinces a new buyer more than an existing consumer who has already walked the journey with your product.

Testimonials from appreciative customers are the bridge new customers will walk over to cross to your eCommerce page. They are in the same bracket as written reviews but more effective. The fact that other consumers will be able to put a face, voice, and in-time expression of satisfaction to a review makes the testimonial video more valuable. The credibility is drawn from the already existing human connections, as expressed in the testimonial.

This video also works because it will get your existing consumers to engage more with your brand. When you allow the consumer to tell their story, it will bring about engagement even from other consumers, not in the video. Make sure to show the consumer using the video and enjoying the experience.

7. Use customer unboxing videos too

Remember how we talked about company unboxing videos? Switch it up and use the consumer’s video now.

Videos of consumers doing unboxing or unpacking are their form of testimonial and provide a different kind of value. Let the consumers do their film and whatever uncontrolled environment the product has found them. The authenticity is what your brand is looking for.

A customer’s unboxing and review presents a form of fresh content that potential customers are interested in. The reviewer's emotions and excitement are usually raw and unfiltered and share the video as is. Consequently, a potential consumer watching this video becomes emotionally invested, prompting them to buy the product.

This video will work for you because it is practically two videos in one - an unboxing video and a customer testimonial video. The unfiltered environment provides an undefeated authenticity.

Best practices for your eCommerce Page videos

So, you’ve figured out what kind of video content to implement into your marketing strategy to improve your eCommerce product page. Now, we shall wind up this article with a few pointers and practices to put in place. This enables you to have effective eCommerce product pages with the best eCommerce product videos.

1. Merge the video with the product

The videos related to a certain product should be on the same product page. With the right taglines, meta description, and titles, this works well in favor of your SEO.

It also promotes high levels of organization, which improve the overall user experience delivered by your ecommerce store.

2. Endeavor to show

Avoid telling the consumers what happens or what to do. Always show. This can be achieved with storytelling or voice-over narration style. While you show, it will be easy for the consumers to follow the steps in your video.

3. Keep it short and sweet

It is highly advisable to break down your eCommerce page videos into a series of videos. Long videos get boring.

When customers lose interest, they can be swayed by other online distractions.

Moving forward

Several online businesses are adopting video content because of its effectiveness in engaging customers.

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A well-done video can engage viewers, drive conversations, and influence more conversions. The best eCommerce page videos can achieve all three. The more customers your brand interacts with, the more credible the brand will get among potential consumers, making it easier to convert them. Every customer has a unique experience. It is good practice to document this experience because it will perform its own role.

Therefore, you need to include the best eCommerce product videos to ensure that your online store achieves success and you need to have a great theme to do precisely this.

How to improve your product page with page videos