EDWONDER - Highlight theme update winner!


Who are the people behind EDWONDER?

EdWonder is an athleisure brand for outdoor-lovers who explore their passions with daring and wonder. Based in New York and Shanghai and founded by Lan Peng and Adrian Aghbal.

How did you start with your online store?

We started 5 years ago. We built an online store from scratch on shopify, it was unique, branded well and artsy, however as the brand evolves and the direction changes a bit we felt its time for change. out previous site was cool but not user friendly.

What does your business name stand for?

EdWonder AKA EdW aims to empower people to get out and dare to achieve their goals with a sense of wonder and just a hint of foolishness
EDW motto:
E. Explore your passions. Life is too short not to follow your heart.
D. Dare to pursue your path. A bit of crazy may be what it takes.
W. Wonder at life’s journey. Even as you push through all its ups and downs.

What impact had Covid on your business?

Covid impact was/still challenging in terms of product developments, logistics which caused delays. My teammates and I got stuck in Asia for a long time. However we got to create outdoor activities there and strengthen the brand presence :)

Please visit: www.edwonder.com/

How did you choose our theme? How was the experience of working with it?

At first the process was long, we went through tons of themes, the moment we got across Highlight we knew it's the perfect match. We care a lot about concepts, stories and details. Highlight is minimal, functional yet it gives the versatility of working with it.

Working with it was absolutely smooth, and even more fun with the updated version.

We still think we can do a lot with it. We are working on a premium cycling collection right now, we can't wait to use more functionalities to highlight the fabrics' qualities and more :)

EDWONDER - Highlight theme update winner!