11 Trending Products to Sell in 2021


With the pandemic lingering on, an ever-increasing number of people are resorting to eCommerce to keep afloat. Setting up an online store might seem easy enough. If you’re committed to going the whole nine yards, you only have to select your wares and formulate an effective marketing strategy.

However, this isn’t as simple as it sounds. Choosing the products to fill up your store is where the challenge comes in.

One way of finding the right items to add to your store is by searching for trending eCommerce products. But in some corners of the eCommerce world, latching onto trends is frowned upon. After all, it can difficult to successfully market the products and beat out competitors who already have an established brand.

However, you can achieve success if you jump onto the trade early enough. Furthermore, it’s easier to find suppliers for trending eCommerce niche products.

Read on to find the best eCommerce products to sell in 2021 and take your online brand above your competitors.

Like we mentioned at the beginning, trending products allow you to stock your online store with products that already have a ready market waiting for them. Therefore, it makes financial sense to list them in your store.

Below, we take a look at the products that are bound to make waves during 2021.

These include:

1. Stretchy exercise bands

The coronavirus pandemic has brought about an unprecedented situation where there’s limited movement. Governments have imposed second phases of lockdowns, restricting several people from moving out of their homes. This restricted movement has forced people to find ways to pass the time when they’re within a confined space.

One of the best ways to do this is by doing exercise or a light workout. But because people can’t go to the gym, they’ve resorted to using simple items within their homes.

Your online store can take this opportunity and offer resistance bands to aid your customers in their quest for fitness, even during a lockdown. And unlike traditional gym equipment, resistance bands are comparatively cheaper and easier to ship. That’s a win-win for you and your customers.

Given that the pandemic doesn’t show any chance of going away any time soon, it only makes sense that you take advantage of this opportunity.

2. Mobile phone tripod stands

Even before 2020, let alone 2021, content creation was a trend picking up steam, especially among the younger generation. Several individuals have made a killing by becoming vloggers and product reviewers on YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok.

A growing number of individuals want to get in on this trend because it appears that it’s here to stay. Several people have garnered a considerable following and become celebrities in their own right.

However, to stand out in this ever-growing field, content creators have to provide top-notch content in quality while keeping costs down. One way of doing this is by using a phone’s camera to capture content. Therefore, mobile phone tripods are really hot right now. Not only do they provide a professional-looking end product, but they also fit any kind of phone the content creator has.

Therefore, this is one item you should seriously consider adding to your online store catalog.

3. Wireless charging accessories

Keeping with the mobile tech world, wireless charging pads are also making a splash within the community.

Demand for wireless charging accessories is bound to shoot up in 2021 because the high-end smartphone releases for this year have scrapped, adding a charging brick in the box. Therefore, customers need to use the chargers that they already own. However, if you don’t own one, you have to shell out more cash to buy one. And there’s a chance that it’ll only work for that specific phone brand.

Therefore, wireless charging accessories are seen as a solution to this new direction by phone manufacturers. You can find wireless charging pads that can handle several devices at the same time. After all, content creators need to have constant battery power because they’re always using their phones to record video or take pictures - power-sapping features.

4. Board games

Without much outdoor activity, watching tv and scrolling through your phone can become very monotonous and boring. Consequently, board games have come out as a viable way to keep individuals occupied during the pandemic.

Furthermore, parents are keen to lessen the amount of time their kids spend looking at screens. Boardgames present an ideal solution to this situation. For instance, the term “jigsaw puzzles” alone saw a return of around 823,000 monthly Gooogle searches.

Therefore, adding jigsaw puzzles to your online store can be a good move for your business going into 2021. Other board games can be great alternatives to jigsaw puzzles, netting you even more customers who want to have less screen-on-time.

5. Peel-off face masks

Despite staying indoors for longer, people are still interested in ensuring that they look good. Even before this pandemic, beauty products were always part of the trending eCommerce products.

The trend has recently been leaning towards beauty face mask products, with variants of this keyword ranging anywhere from 30,000 to 80,000 queries per month. More evidence for this trend moving forward in 2021 can be seen on Twitter. In most instances, when a post goes viral, the replies often have a promoted tweet advertising green tea face masks as the in-thing.

Therefore, if your online brand deals in the beauty product sector, offering peel-off face mask products can bring higher returns.

6. Bluetooth ear- and headphones

Tech is moving towards providing more convenience and a great customer experience. The prominent players in consumer tech have set the trend of offering wireless phone accessories. Think earbuds and Bluetooth headphones.

However, established brand names in the electronics world put a comparatively large price tag on their wireless accessories. Therefore, not everyone can afford to shell out the cash for AirPods or Sony’s high-end headphones.

And in this unprecedented pandemic-driven year, several people earn less than they did before. Therefore, you can cater to this market by providing cheaper accessories from lesser-known brands. All you have to do is look out for brands that offer acceptable sound and build quality as well as battery life.

Additionally, you can also consider adding portable speakers to your store. These offer the convenience of not rewiring speakers to move them to different areas in the house. In an age where your customers spend more time indoors, these products are ideal for boosting income in your online store.

7. Hair wigs and clips

Despite the increased time indoors, people still want to look good. That’s why the beauty and fashion ecommerce niches always perform.

Of recent, hair wigs have become one of the trending eCommerce products on sale in several online stores. This trend has been pushed further by a large number of beauty influencers on several online platforms. So, even customers who have good hair want wigs and hair extensions to use when a suitable occasion arises.

It’s worth pointing out that several online sales platforms like Shopify prohibit selling human-hair wigs. Therefore, you need to look out for manufacturers and suppliers to get artificial wigs and extensions. One of the related trending ecommerce niche products is hair clips. Over the years, clips have been in high demand, regardless of the prevailing fashion trends.

2021 looks particularly good for online brands that have hair clips as part of their product catalogs. The color translucent and neon clips are making a comeback after being fronted by notable celebrities.

Additionally, fashion-forward brands seem to add stock to this notion. Renowned brand Marie Claire believes hair clips are perfect for looking professional and fashionable during Zoom meetings.

And with remote work persisting as a necessity in 2021, you have a large target market for hair clips.

8. Loungewear and athleisure

Over the past couple of years, day-to-day fashion has been leaning more towards comfort than striking aesthetics. In 2021, comfort is even more of a preference because people are spending more time indoors due to the pandemic.

They don’t have to wear anything over the top around the house or when they’re just going for run-of-the-mill errands. Consequently, loungewear is all the in 2021. Even notable clothing brands add loungewear sections to their websites, ready to cash in on this trend.

Furthermore, athleisure is one of the best eCommerce products to sell in 2021. Comfortable clothing like leggings, sweatpants and hoodies should be part of your online store’s offerings. What makes this trend even more appealing is that several people set fitness and weight loss as one of their most significant resolutions for the new year.

Therefore, investing in loungewear and athleisure should be part of your online business growth plan.

9. Yoga mats

With more people looking to break the monotony of indoor life, home workouts are gaining popularity. After all, individuals can’t risk going out to crowded gyms to work up a sweat - it’d be a violation of COVID-19 control protocols.

Yoga is an ideal way to get and maintain fitness. Another advantage is that your target customers don’t have to pay for gym memberships. Instead, they can spend that money on yoga mats from your store. The mats are far less expensive than going to the gym.

You should also consider that the yoga mat industry will have a value of just over 17 billion dollars by 2025. Even if you get the tiniest slice off that, your online store can be considered a great success.

10. Custom face masks

One of the most significant measures against the novel coronavirus is wearing face masks. Consequently, the demand for masks has shot up over the last 12 months and doesn’t show any sign of stopping soon.

The figures back this up. Mask sales were worth $4.5 billion in 2020 alone. 2021 is bound to see as much as five times this amount. Given the mandatory usage of face masks, people have turned creative and made them a fashion accessory. Several customized designs have cropped up, turning the masks into more than a medical requirement.

Depending on the sector you operate in, custom face masks are among the most promising trending eCommerce niche products.

11. Gadget skins and phone grip cases

Like we’ve already mentioned several times before, being cooped up inside has forced several people to spend even more time than before on their smart devices. To spice things up, several individuals have resorted to customizing their gadgets.

Some add grip cases to their phones to protect them. However, the cases needn’t be plain. Customers prefer cases with some sort of design that appeals to them or defines their character. This trend doesn’t stop at smartphones only. Laptops also provide ample real estate for customers to add personalized skins, making their gadgets look cooler.

With people spending even more time with their devices in 2021, it makes financial sense to add gadget skins and cases to your product lineup.

Moving forward into 2021

With several 9 to 5 jobs affected by the pandemic, venturing into eCommerce is ideal for bringing new cash into the household.

Before getting started, you should find out which sector(s) your online store will engage in. Several stores have a finger in different pies. 2021 seems like an ideal time to grow your online store brand. After all, lockdowns and curfews have ensured that people spend less time going into brick and mortar malls and stores to buy what they want.

Instead, they order online for most of what they want.

The list above provides you with the best eCommerce products to sell in 2021.

11 Trending Products to Sell in 2021